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Omicron, Let’s Not Abandon Africa Against COVID-19 Appeal More Important Now than Ever

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic  Focus on Africa launched an alarm on how reckless and dangerous it would be to leave Africa alone in the fight against the virus.

Now, especially in view of the news coming in from South Africa on the Omicron variant, what we had anticipated is happening and today, the appeal by humanitarian operators, virologists and other leading figures such as Jean Leonard Touadi, Father Alex Zanotelli and professor Aldo Morrone  which we published on Focus on Africa is more current than ever.

We were well aware that the situation would quickly get worse and that Africa would become a hot-spot for new variants of COVID-19. This is why we appealed not to abandon the African continent to face the pandemic.

The situation, despite the low mortality rate, is still alarming so much so as to push the African Union to ask for more support for Africa through the supply of vaccines  and the reduction of the debt.

A few months ago, President of South Africa and then Chair of the African Union (AU), Cyril Ramaphosa, addressed the UN general Assembly Special Session on COVID-19, stressing how extremely vulnerable Africa was to the spread of the virus and urged for support and cooperation.

In recent months, the African Union has adopted significant measures in response to the crisis but asks for support so that developing countries receive assistance in their efforts to fight the pandemic and rebuild their economies. This is only possible by sending massive doses of the vaccine. An effort that is manageable for industrialized powers, especially in view of the importance of containing the virus in the interest of the western community.

Today, we are relaunching the appeal more determined than ever.

If you would like to sign and support the appeal, send an email to:



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