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Land grabbing and political transformation, the Tanzania’s case

In the past few years there has been an exponential increase in large land-based investments, which are often referred to as ‘land grabs’1. Despite having the potential to bring great benefits, such as employment generation, infrastructure creation and substantial injections of capital, these projects have proved to be risky and to have severe negative impacts on poor rural communities. Since human rights are an issue for us profoundly care about, We have thus decided to try to understand the dynamics underlying these landbased investments and what issues need to be tackled to improve the situation of the
people that are negatively affected.
Let’s start with Tanzania’s case and Joseph Jartan’s speech, human rights defender for almost seven years. He doing defensing work as an activist on social networks such as facebook & twitter.
Antonella Napoli
My name is Joseph Jartan. I was born 31.12.1986. My home is in loliondo division in ngarwa village in Ngorongoro district.
I taught primary english medium schools as a teacher for 9 years ,maternal health as a community health worker in different Non Governmental organizations (NGOS) , Religion organizations and environmental issues, Have become a good human rights defender for almost seven years and I was doing defensing work as an activist on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter atrough send my reports of these communities harrasments. I want to help my maasai community. I live in ngorongoro district in Arusha region Tanzania.since 1956 This maasai in ngorongoro facing into troubles when some of them moved by the government in their mother land in serengeti national park and the remain community which is almost 10,000 people were in the process to move them a place where they don’t know where to go ! We as make defense for them but sometimes we lack strength to call the press or the funds to move in one village to another ,The government burned their enclosures and women and children are the victims ,in ngorongoro district in Arusha region ,98% are the maasai pastoralists tribes .maasai people are still so illiterate for all aspects especially in , education and health facilities.
Despite of your magazines to publisize this communities problems , we need your support because we are making defence for them and sometimes we lack strength to reach to their villages to listen to their problems and negotiate with government officials  about this land eviction.
This land eviction is violation of human rights! There are so many harrasments I will tell you later ,I have bad pictures of the maasai youth are have been touchered by the conservation rangers and others are died.
Maasai pastoralists looking after their cattle in serengeti national park a place where they grow. Both wildlife animals and domestic are feeding together ,where is the problem to move the maasai communities in their native place ?we can’t move any more and we are telling the government of Tanzania to stop moving maasai communities in Ngorongoro conservation area authority (Nccaa). We are so important than wildlife.
I understand that the government doesn’t like the truth and may sue me. As Focus on Africa we want to bright this situation because Masaai Community is in dengerous.
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