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Egypt: Petition demanding the release of Hisham Kassem

A new petition demanding the release of Hisham Kassem in Egypt.
Kassem is a journalist, publisher, HRD and politician Hisham Kassem, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Free Current Movement, and invite you to sign it. 

«We would appreciate solidarity action in favour of Hisham Kassem, including by writing on him, speaking to the Egyptian authorities, and observing his trial. HIsham Kassem was arrested on 20 August and due to stand trial on 2 September. The petition provides background information on the circumstances of his arrest » is the appeal of promoters of petition.
Hisham Kassem is former president of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, the first human rights organization established in Egypt, a journalist and freelance publisher and founder of the independent newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm, founder and publisher of Cairo Times in English, and today one of the most prominent political opponents, as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Free Current Movement, which was announced  in July 2023 as an alliance of the following parties:  The Reform and Development Party, Al-Dostour Party, the Conservative Party and the Egypt Freedom Party.
Launched today in Arabic, the petition so far has gathered over 150 signatures, including the heads of the four Egyptian political parties constituting the Free Current Movement and its board members, and two other parties, 11 NGOs, and over 100 lawyers, journalists, HRDs, businessmen and academics.
The petition is open for signatures from political parties, NGOs and individuals and is available at this link:
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