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Sheikh Al-Amin provides medical and social services in times of war in Um Durman

Khartoum suffers from a fierce war between the Rapid Support Forces and the Sudanese army, which resulted in the displacement of most of the capital’s population under conditions of artillery bombardment and mass death.

Despite the war, Sheikh Al-Amin opened his house and his mosque to play a social role, by providing food to most of the residents of the area in which he lives and the neighboring areas. The doctors also provide medical services with the presence of a number of doctors, nurses and pharmacists who work day and night to treat the injured and sick for free. Medicines are also available in the mosque to be distributed Free for patients. Despite the scarcity of resources and the bombing, Sheikh Al-Amin did not leave his house, but remained in charge of all these actions himself. Since the beginning of the war, a large number of people have died because of direct bombing or disease, so the sheikh and his disciples carried the dead to the cemeteries.
Sheikh Al-Amin stated that he will not leave his house because people need his presence.
From here, we call on everyone to stop the war, and we also call on everyone who can contribute to this charitable work by delivering medical and logistical aid to the mosque in order to save those affected by the war.

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