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Democratic Republic of Congo, police shoot civilians. Tensions increasingly high in the east of the country

In Bukavu, a woman protests in the streets against the authorities; the police shoot and kill her on the spot. Without reason.
This is also happening in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where social tensions are escalating. Some incidents of extreme brutality in “popular justice” also testify to this.

Last Tuesday, during the night, in my village in the Nyiragongo province, people tired of weak justice decided to punish those who commit more or less serious crimes.
Two thieves were beaten and burned alive without any respect for human rights. When this happens, the people take justice into their own hands and defend themselves. Nowadays, populations are at breaking point, and many young people, especially from my area, are joining armed groups.

Hundreds are leaving their families to join more or less criminal gangs to go fight in the rural town of Sake. We fear that the war and the suffering of refugees will be long-lasting.
Even from Bukavu, local security forces are preparing to come and fight here in the North Kivu province against the rebels of the M23. Even children are enrolling because they have no alternatives. The situation has never been so dire.

*We have decided to publish, pixelated, the photo you see in this article to demonstrate the cruelty of what is happening in Congo.

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