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Italy don’t want #truthforlucaattanasioandvittorio. Immunity for UN officials

The hidden truths about the killing of the Italian ambassador to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Luca Attanasio, and the carabiniere escorting him, Vittorio Iacovacci, must remain concealed. This is essentially what emerges from the decision of the Judge of the preliminary hearing of the Tribunal of Rome, Marisa Mosetti, who ordered the “non-lieu to proceed for lack of jurisdiction” regarding the request for trial referral for the two World Food Programme officials, Rocco Leone and Mustapha Milambo, accused of negligence and forgery in the proceedings for the responsibilities of the ambush on February 22, 2021, in which, in addition to Attanasio and Iacovacci, the WFP driver, Mustapha Milambo, also lost his life.

The carabiniere’s relatives say they are “very bitter about how it ended, we expected justice and we only had disappointments. Why delay and create the expectation of justice that proves weak with the powerful forces that have decided to keep hidden truths and uncomfortable responsibilities. Today Vittorio was killed a second time”.
With the recognition of immunity to United Nations agency employees, the judge deemed it unnecessary to proceed, although the final word cannot yet be placed on the involvement of the two defendants, as the Rome Prosecutor’s Office has announced an appeal to the Court of Appeal to challenge the gup’s decision.
Deputy prosecutor Sergio Colaiocco is therefore not willing to give up and as sources in Piazzale Clodio underline, “will explore all the avenues that criminal law provides to ensure the protection of the rights of the two Italian citizens and their families”.
For now, however, no trial for the two UN officials: acquitted of all charges.
At the previous hearing, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had presented an opinion explaining that immunity “is recognized by custom”, effectively giving the green light to diplomatic privileges for Leone and Rwagaza.
And it is precisely on this point that both the relatives of Iacovacci and Attanasio reiterate their opposition to the government’s attitude in this matter, arguing that “if the State had taken a different stance and had kept the promised commitment to ask the United Nations to waive immunity, today we would have a different verdict”.
“If the judge does not have jurisdiction over the killing of an Italian ambassador and carabiniere, servants of the State, then who does?” the outburst of Iacovacci’s girlfriend, Domenica Benedetto, present at the hearing with the carabiniere’s brother, Dario, and sister, Alessia.
“The words of the institutions, which assured they wanted justice for Luca, were never followed by actions. The State did not have the courage. But I won’t stop, I’ll go all the way and I will never stop asking for truth and justice” the final outburst of Salvatore Attanasio, the ambassador’s father.

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