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Happy Birthday Focus on Africa. Two Years of Stories, News, and Analyses About and From the African Continent

Two years ago, Focus on Africa began its publication. It is the first Italian magazine to feature exclusively on the African continent. The magazine was founded by its Editor-in-Chief Antonella Napoli, journalist and expert in international issues, and its publisher Chiara Cavallo, who has worked in communication and business strategies for years.

From the start, our objective was to raise awareness on the problems and conflicts in Africa, but also on the prospects for development, the reality and the culture which is very different from ours.

The magazine has succeeded in establishing itself as an important space for African issues and the voices of those who have personally been involved in writing the articles.

FOCUS ON AFRICA is and remains to be a free online magazine in order to lend greater visibility to news that arrives directly from Africa that is living a moment of great expansion.

Among the most authoritative contributors for the magazine, that was also published in print (the first issue was dedicated to BookCity that chose “Africas” as its theme in 2019) are Jean Leonard Touadi, writer and advisor for FAO, Somalian journalist Shukri Said, Riccardo Noury, spokesperson for Amnesty International, and many more news writers and experts on Africa.

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