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Sudan, torture of 17 years old boy by the police

Muhammad Adam,  who is  17  years old , stands in the front lines of the revolutionaries and participates in the peaceful demonstrations against the coup in Sudan. Where the country is witnessing organized peaceful demonstrations, and despite their peacefulness, they are brutally suppressed and bullets are used, causing the death of more than 81 citizens.

Muhammad Adam was hit by a stun grenade in the leg, which required him to receive treatment at Al-Jawdah Hospital, where his leg was cast. On January 15, he went to Royal Care Hospital for medical examinations, and there he was arrested despite being in a wheelchair and charged with killing a police brigadier, according to a body of emergency lawyers who defend On the peaceful demonstrators, the authorities charged 20 protesters with murder, but the complaint against them was dismissed. Muhammad Adam’s mother stated that she visited her son, with difficulty, and found signs of brutal torture on his body. 4 nails were hammered into his feet. He was hung with a rope with his head down for a long time. When the defense team demanded that he must  be shown to a doctor, the authorities refused that request. His mother says that her son’s health condition is bad, especially that he suffers from high blood pressure. It is worth noting that the Sudanese authorities practice the utmost brutality on Muhammad so that he confesses to committing a crime he did not do, and he was threatened with death in case the crime was not  confessed.

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