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Africa Day, Live on Amref’s YouTube and Facebook Pages to Celebrate the Continent

A virtual stage for Africa with performances by Fiorella Mannoia, Giobbe Covatta, Pif, Caterina Murino, Saba Anglana, Salvatore Marino, Sonny Olumati, two authors from Lercio, Miriam Ayaba, Mama Marjas and Giovanni Soldini. There will also be videos by Simone Cristicchi and Piotta.

The live event celebrates Africa DayMonday 25 May – and starts at 6:30 pm on Amref Health Africa Italia Facebook and YouTube. Speeches, music, comedy and much more dedicated to Africa.

When I think of African art and culture, I am reminded of Miriam Makeba’s music and the life she dedicated in the battle to free South Africa. And that’s not all. I am also reminded that “Mama Africa” – that’s how she was known around the world – died in Italy where she had come for a concert in support of Roberto Saviano in his battle against organized crime,” said Guglielmo Micucci, General Manager of Amref Health Africa – Italia who will also participate at the event.

“Even in death, her music and her battle for freedom fused in an area in Italy, Castel Volturno, that saw and still sees the presence of many African workers. Today, our thoughts do not go out only to Africa, where we have been working since 1957, but also to the Africa in Italy. The diaspora, the second generation and all those who have part of this huge continent in their hearts, with which we are linked by the Mediterranean and a future together. Because, like we always say, if Africa is healthy, the whole world is healthy. Today like never before, the COVID-19 has dramatically shown us this connection.

Starting with history and Miriam Makeba’s call for freedom, I want to thank all the artists and friends of Amref who are participating at this event. They, too, through their art and profession, hear that call of freedom and justice loudly but – I’m sure – they also hear the Africa’s call of richness, hope and faith. A call to make Africa a protagonist and respected by the world.”

 Monday night will be an opportunity to celebrate an important day in the history of Africa. On May 25 1963, when the leaders of 30 out of 32 independent African states signed the Addis Ababa Charter in Ethiopia and founded the Organization of African Unity (OAU). There were and there remains to be many challenges to face. Political, economic and social challenges and those to protect basic human rights. This includes the universal right to access healthcare for which we fight every day, and even more so today because of the COVID-19 pandemic.



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