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Manuscripts and peace in African university in Mali

In Bamako, Mali, on the sidelines of the third international conference, entitled “Manuscripts and their Role in Consolidating the Values of Peace and Security, Preserving Identity, and Developing Scientific Research and Innovation in Africa”, Prime Minister Dr. Shogola Kokala Mega received the academic researchers participating in the conference, and the conference’s organizing committee. The delegation was headed by Professor Jara Muhammad Abdullah, President of the University.

The visit began with the Prime Minister welcoming everyone, then he presented the speech to the University President, who in turn referred the speech to the audience so that everyone could introduce themselves. Then the University President spoke about the conference. Touching on the number of participants, the participating countries, and the way things went, His Holiness also touched on the university, its colleges, the number of students, the university’s ambitions, its methodology in accepting titles of scientific dissertations, and directing students about field research that will contribute to developing research and providing more solutions and proposals to financial problems. His Holiness thanked the Prime Minister for providing this opportunity.

Then the conversation was addressed by the Prime Minister, who in turn welcomed the academic guests coming to participate in this conference. His Holiness indicated that he gives great importance to such conferences and scientific forums that bring together researchers and academics from various countries. Although these conferences are not political, they are important because of their importance. He receives the guests participating in them every year. He indicated that he remembers receiving the guests of the Second International Conference, so he in turn encouraged such activities that contribute to the expansion of the financial library, and which instill the principles of peaceful coexistence and Islam in societies. He also indicated that such forums indicate that our societies are peaceful Islamic societies, which do not need He who promotes violence, calls for it, and even applies it. He also alluded to the role of such conferences in linking African peoples together and integrating the culture of their peoples. He thanked all attendees for the exchange and active participation, and expressed his longing to see the fourth edition of the University of Africa Conference. Then the session concluded by raising the palms of supplication to God Almighty: “May he bless the state and protect it from all harm”.

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