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Mediterranean, Events and Debates at Blue Land Day 2019

The Mediterranean has always been the link between Europe and Africa. The fulcrum of intercultural exchange and an opportunity for development. And not only that. Currently, an Italian project aims to improve sustainable food systems in the Mediterranean from an environmental, economic and social perspective. Yesterday, thanks to a contribution from the Puglia Region, the project was presented at Avamposto MARE in Port Tricase (Lecce, Puglia), headquarters of CIHEAM Bari (Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari) where a three-day event on the theme took place.

The press conference presenting “Human Pole: Alimentazione, Nutrizione e Benessere” (Human Pole: Food, Nutrition and Wellbeing), in addition to talking about sustainable food systems in the Mediterranean, also focused on cultural, health and nutritional aspects encouraging sustainable and responsible consumption of produce in the Mediterranean.

The goal was achieved through competent skills and synergies shared by the Coordinamento Health Marketplace Special Structure , CIHEAM Bari, the city of Tricase, the National Research Council Department of Bio and Agri-Food Sciences, and the Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases and the Aging Brain at the Pia Fondazione Card. G. Panico Hospital.

Participants at the event include Michele Emiliano, President of the Puglia Region, Claudio Stefanazzi, Regional Government Head of Cabinet, Carlo Chiuri, Mayor of Tricase, Maurizio Raeli, Director of CIHEAM Bari, Felice Ungaro, Director of the Regione Puglia Coordinamento Health Marketplace Special Structure, Sister Margherita Bramato, Administrator of the Cardinale Panico Hospital, and Giancarlo Logroscino, Head of the Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases at the Cardinale Panico Hospital.

Following the presentation at the Port Museum of Trecase (in Rotonda), the event will take place from July 20 to 21 with open debates on disease prevention, food, wellbeing, promoting local quality production, as well as music, sports and food.

On Saturday, July 20, at 11:00 am, at the CIHEAM Bari-Avamposto Mare Port Museum of Trecase , the Human Pole: Food, Nutrition and Wellbeing project will be presented to the press. Claudio Stefanazzi, Regional Government Head of Cabinet, will be present.

The day continues with workshops on monitoring coastal biodiversity, amateur sporting events, local produce stands, workshops on the topics of food and health, art exhibits and concerts.
On Sunday, July 21 at 5:00 pm, sensory workshops on marine organisms will be held for children. You can also take part in amateur sporting events, concerts, workshops on the geographic origins of local products from Puglia and sensory analysis.

The three-day event ends at 8:30 pm with the Panzerotto World Cup competition.

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