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International Cooperation in the Age of COVID-19. Amref; “No One Must Be Left Behind”

“No one must be left behind”: international cooperation in healthcare in the age of COVID-19” is the name of the workshop organized by LINK 2007 that will be led on Thursday, 28 January at from 11:00 to 1:00 dedicated to those who carry out, develop and finance international cooperation in healthcare. During the event, Ahmed Ogwel Ouma, Deputy Director of Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC), will intervene. Joachim Osur will intervene as Director for Amref Health Africa, with headquarters in Nairobi. Commitment and new challenges in the battle against COVID-19 are the focus of the event that features many guest speakers.

The event will be moderated by journalist Pietro Veronese. Among the participants are Sandra Zampa, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, and leading civil society organizations committed to international healthcare development and cooperation projects in Africa and the Middle East, including Amref Health Africa, Link 2007, Intersos, Aidos, Cuamm, AICS and Maeci. The workshop was conceived as part of Agenda 2030 for sustainable development adapted by 193 UN Member States in September 2105.
Agenda 2030 requires strong political commitment in public healthcare, “To promote physical and mental health and well-being, and to extend life expectancy for all, we must achieve universal health coverage and access to quality health care.

Based on this premise, global health will be thoroughly examined during the webinar with particular focus on the African continent and the Middle East and the effects of COVID-19.

The event will serve to answer some questions: who are the victims of the pandemic? What inequalities has it exacerbated? Which crisis situations have been forgotten or exacerbated by COVID-19? What is the pandemic teaching us? Which strategies have been successful?

The presentations will be based on the more relevant experiences identified by civil society organizations in order to cover a more varied field of analysis: from the secondary impact of COVID-19 to the phase of preparedness, strengthening resilience.

Speakers and a few notes about our colleagues:

Ahmed Ogwel Ouma is Deputy Director of Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC), promoted by the WHO to respond to the pandemic in Africa. Dr. Ouma is one of the leading experts in Africa in governance in public health for emergency management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Joachim Osur is Director of Amref Health Africa. He is an Associate professor of Sexual and Reproductive Health at Amref International University. He is a specialist in public health, reproductive health and sexual medicine and has extensive experience in healthcare programming in Africa. He has contributed to improving healthcare systems, developing health policies and developing models for delivering healthcare in many African countries. He has a degree in Medicine and Surgery, a Master’s in Public Healthcare and a PhD in reproductive Health. He is a member of the American College of Sexologists and the European Society for Sexual Medicine.

Sandra Zampa, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, has been invited to participate at the event that will be moderated by journalist Pietro Veronese. Other speakers include: Roberto Ridolfi (President of Link 2007), Pietro Caburrosso and Valeria Cattaneo (INTERSOS), Manal Tahtamouni (AIDOS), Andrea Atzori (Cuamm), Luca Maestripieri (AICS), Giorgio Marrapodi (MAECI).

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