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Algeria, Journalist Khaled Drareni Arrested Again for Hirak Protests

Internationally renowned Algerian journalist Khaled Darren was arrested in the evening of 10 June along with another journalist, Ihsane El Kadi and opposition activist, Karim Tabbou. The arrests were made 48 hours after the legislative elections making it quite clear that it was an act of political repression.

Drareni was released from prison in February 2021 after being sentenced to three years, which was reduced to one in an appeals court, for reporting the Hirak movement protests.

Ishane El Kadi, director of Maghreb Emergent and RadioMPost, which were shut down, had already appeared in trial for defamation and offense against the Algerian President.

With these arrests, number of people in Algerian prisons due to their involvement in Hirak protests has risen to 223.

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