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Niger, peace in academia

On Thursday, January 26, 2023, at the Omar Ghanda Cultural Center in Niamey, the capital of Niger, a scientific event entitled Peace in Universities was held, which was organized by the French-African Council for Academic Promotion, in the presence of His Excellency the former Prime Minister of Niger, Dr. Hamid Al-Ghabed. A group of scholars and intellectuals attended the meeting.

Prof. Mohamed Jara, Chairman of the Scientific Council for African Promotions, gave a speech introducing the Council, its role and its headquarters in Africa. His speech was in French, translated into Arabic by Prof. Sidi Ahmed Mohamed, followed by the speech of the Honorary President of the Scientific Day, Prof. Moulay Hassan, where he welcomed in the participants and queats , especially Sheikh Dr. Hamed Al-Ghabed, and he opened the work of the scientific day.

The title was addressed by four professors. They dealt with the issue in different aspects:
The first lecturer, Dr.Siraj, spoke about peace among French universities and higher institutes, and touched on what threatens peace there in terms of racism, selfishness, and others.

The second lecturer, Prof. Abdul Muhaimin, spoke about peace among Arab universities and the role of education in consolidating peace , with a reminder of the interest in African culture because of its role in consolidating the pillars of peace in African society in general, and Niger in particular.

The third lecturer, Prof. Dr. Ali Tasa, dealt with the topic after a brief talk on the problems and challenges facing Arab universities, with reference to the role of peace in universi.

The last lecturer, Prof. Dr. Ayoub West, the topic of peace, starting with its concept and the difference between it and peace by breaking the seine, and peace by opening it, then he touched on talking about the role of universities in peace with a focus on the pillars of peace and its pillars, represented in justice and equality between the subjects, and his lecture was in Arabic.

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