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Ethiopia, refugees behind “bars” in the Amhara region

It is the story of one war followed by another war. Yes, it is the story of Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia, Amhara region.
Everyone knows what is going on in Sudan, that war that caused thousands of Sudanese to flee to countries in search of security, but the dream quickly turned into a nightmare, as the refugees found another war waiting for them. It began the moment they crossed the Sudanese-Ethiopian border, which welcomed them with hunger and thirst, as well as the painful autumn season that made them forget the taste of sleep. They were promised hardship and staying up late, and the punishment did not end with them. Rather, the largest share occurred the moment they entered the camps. After only seven days, Brother Mudathir was struck with gunfire. This was the beginning of the violations that reached 1,400 violations against humanity, including murder, armed robbery, kidnapping, and rape. They even reached the point of enslavement, to the point of enslavement. The refugee is taken under strict supervision to work the whole day without food or drink, and is returned at night like a boy. This affects many people, causing 170 people to lose their minds and become under the name of a psychological patient. Not only this, but there are hundreds of people who fled at night to return to Sudan and disappeared from their families, either dead or missing far away. About the health catastrophe that claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent people, beginning with cholera, which claimed 50 martyrs, and the medical errors that claimed nearly 40 lives. This changed who suffered from kidney failure and who lost one of his organs. All of this made them wonder, are we refugees or are we in prisons?

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